Mastering the Chiropractic Conversion
​In this BRAND NEW Program you will learn:
✔  ​How to RETAIN more clients without being manipulative or "salesy"
✔ ​How to see more patients with more CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY
✔  Have more “BUY-IN” from patients and let them CHOOSE your recommendations with little or no resistance
✔ Master the frameworks that allow you to be a TRUSTED ADVISOR
✔ Learn to CONVERT more patients and receive more REFERRALS
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This 90-Day Program will include:
✔  12 Week Conversion Mastery Program
✔  The 9 Step WOW Consult Framework with video walkthrough and worksheets
✔  The 9 Step Report of Findings (ROF) that converts, commits and retain clients (increasing PVA, retention and referrals)
✔  Opportunity to master each step of the framework, so you are ready to implement on Monday morning.
✔  Live + Recorded Webinars where I will work 1 on 1 with you to master these conversations.
✔  The 10 magic words and phrases to convert any patient.
✔  How to handle the "7 Deadly Objections" every Chiropractors face. 

Bonus: 7x 60 Min Masterclass Modules that takes a deep dive into the conversion process including handling common objections and authority positioning
Bonus: LIVE recording of the Conversion Mastery Intensive 
There is NO NEED to FORCE care on patients who CHOOSE care.
Dear Chiropractor, 

Here’s the reality of a struggling Chiropractic Practice:
 ○ Most chiropractors statistically only have patients stay under care for less than 12 visits in their LIFETIME!!
 ○ Chiropractors think they need to “sell” patients to care… while hating the feeling of being a “salesy” Chiropractor
 ○ You can’t grow a practice by seeing more New Patients...

The real problem in our profession is that most chiropractors hit a "Patient Plateau”... a ceiling where they never seem to see more patients they envisioned or create the kind of impact they want to make.
Maybe this is TRUE for you, too?
You might be happy with the RESULTS you provide for your patients but not the numbers of patients you see each week.

So you do what most chiropractors do… And try to get MORE new patients.
 ○ You attend another technique seminar.
 ○ You discount your prices. Add more freebies.
 ○ You try FB marketing or shoot some videos.
 ○ Maybe you even try to read more Green Books. 
 ○ Listen to more chiropractic podcasts.
But NOTHING happens. 
Nothing Changes, because it's not your technique, your lack of philosophy or your lack of knowledge..... It’s how you are COMMUNICATING.

Think of the most successful chiropractors you know… what do they have in common? It’s not their technique (and I can argue that it’s not even their philosophy because there are successful non-philosophical chiropractors). 

What they have in common is…
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Rusty Tap vs Leaky Bucket
Increasing your patient numbers is NOT merely seeing more NP. That’s HARD work.
Here is an analogy… If you have a RUSTY TAP and a LEAKY BUCKET, which one would you FIX first?

The answer is simple...

You FIX the leaky bucket. There is no point in turning on the TAP when your bucket is too small or have a bunch of holes in it! Wanting more NP is like trying to FIX the rusty tap, BUT it doesn’t help you collect more water (patients). 

The real problem is NOT the lack of NPs flow; it is how you are CONVERTING them.

The most significant bottleneck always starts at your "Initial Consultation" and the "Report of Findings" (VISIT 1 and 2).

The real reason why patients don’t get the BIG IDEA, is because you are NOT communicating WHY the big idea is important to them.

It may be relevant to YOU, and it may also be crystal clear to you, BUT something happens between your thoughts leaving your mouth to their ears.  

So HOW do you FIX the Leaky Bucket?
You start at the HEART of the problem: The Initial Consultation and the Report of Findings (ROF) (VISIT 1 AND VISIT 2)
A patient’s entire longevity and relationship with Chiropractic can be traced back to how well their chiropractor communicated during VISIT 1 and VISIT 2.
 These two appointments SET-UP their entire expectations, commitments, and requirement of chiropractic in their lives.
Done well... patients will embrace chiropractic as a lifestyle and become a “raving fan”.
Done poorly... patients will treat it as a therapy and see it as transactional.
VISIT 1 and VISIT 2 provides you:
Opportunity for you to properly explain the BIG IDEA in language that the patient can understand and wants.
Build trust, belief and faith that YOU the chiropractor will provide the best care possible .
Engage fully in the process of the recommendations and care plan you provide for your patients.
Mastering the Conversion Conversation on VISIT 1 and 2 will transform your practice and your retention…IMMEDIATELY.

This is the exact FRAMEWORK I used to grow my practice to 300+ patients/ wk (that’s 100+ /day for eight years… not including what my associates numbers).

I am not telling you these numbers to boost my ego… it is to demonstrate to you that it can be done.

Oh, these 300+ patients were accomplished with LITTLE or NO MARKETING! That’s right.

My practice ran a 94.7% internal referral rate. Which means that close to 95% of NPs I saw in practice over those years came from REFERRALS.
Using this exact FRAMEWORK, I have taught all my clients to use in their practice.
It’s NOT a script… It’s a FRAMEWORK.

I hate scripts!!! (It’s impersonal and makes you sound like a robot!).

The Conversion Conversation(TM) is FRAMEWORK that is designed to explain their problems, your recommendations and your care plan in a sequential manner. When fellow chiropractors asked me how I was able to convert patients to care and generate such high internal referrals…

I decided to evaluate everything I did in practice. Every system, service, experience etc… and I found that it came down to the Visit 1 and Visit 2.

So I began dissecting the entire communication and created this simple 9 STEP FRAMEWORK called the Conversion Conversation that any chiropractor can use (no matter what philosophical or technique you use). Because it is NOT the technique or philosophy… it’s how you TRANSLATE it to your patients that makes the difference. 
This framework was also created with neuroscience and human psychology in mind. 
Because it is NOT what we say but HOW we say it and WHEN we say it that TRIGGERS people to make decisions. Human beings are irrational beings, so we need to understand human psychology to appreciate how to communicate with each other effectively.   

What is important is it is NOT manipulative or salesy. (I don’t have that personality to pull that off! And let’s face it - no one likes to be SOLD!)

It’s influential and powerful because it taps into the human psyche that listens empathically and creates VALUES that matter to your patients.  

You will become a MASTER communicator when it comes to delivering your care plan to your patients and help them fully understand the benefit of chiropractic without being sleazy or salesy.

You don’t need to be manipulative or use SCARE care to get people to understand “Chiropractic".

You need a system and framework to help them understand, a communication tool that honours who they are and why they came into your practice for.

This 90-Day Program is designed to help you:
See more patients with more confidence and certainty
Retain more clients without being manipulative or "salesy"
Have more "Buy-ins" to your recommendations with little or no resistance
Master the frameworks that allow you to be a trusted advisor
This is for chiropractors who...
✓ Chiropractors who have a PVA less than 70
✓ Frustrated with low compliance, low retention and understanding
✓ Experienced chiropractors who are bored of doing the same old ROFs and not getting the same results in this market
✓ Skilled chiropractors who have patients dropping out after their initial phase of care
✓ Associates who are struggling to get any long-term compliance with patients

This is NOT just for associates or new grads. This is a Masterclass on Conversion for the Modern Day. How people receive communications has changed dramatically and how we communicate this to our patients needs to adapt too.

Every industry and business has changed the way they communicate to the market... why do we think we are different and exception to the rule.

The market is shifting... millennials are becoming the next high-income earners, and the i-Generation (post-millennials) are becoming adults! Would you not agree that your ROF script you used for Baby Boomers and Gen X is in need of an UPGRADE???

The ability to CONVERT better means:
✓ BETTER RETENTION - Retain more clients without being manipulative or "salesy"
✓ GENERATE MORE REFERRALS - When you translate the BIG IDEA in a way patient understand, patients begin to REFER others… because they get it. Plus… this means you have to do LESS marketing!
ELEVATION OF YOUR CONFIDENCE AND CERTAINTY - You will gain more confidence and certainty as a chiropractor when patients begin to get better results and outcomes by following through with your recommendations and care plans. No Force… just Choice.
Increase Your Patient Visit Average (PVA) by 10-300+ % in 3-6 months.
Better Compliance
Patients will become RAVING FANS instead of "leaving" fans. Raving Fans STAY, PAY and REFER.
Increased Numbers
With more referrals, increased PVA, and better retention... your patient numbers will begin to SOAR!
Better Results
Get better results for your patients because they CHOOSE to STAY under your best recommendations.
More Referrals
Generate more referrals with LESS marketing and less sales
Increased Numbers
Your communications will begin to resonate, and patients will be begin to see the true benefit of Chiropractic.
Join us at No Risk. We got your back!
If you are not satisfied that this program is the visit 1 and 2 after 30 days of the Conversion Mastery Program, we will refund 110% of your money back. No question asked.
This Program will be a GAME-CHANGER for you and your practice. 
Invest in yourself to create more IMPACT in your community.
The Cost of less than 1 Patient.
A lifetime value (LTV) of a typical chiropractic patient is approx $1000 to $3000 (depending on the type, location and area of practice you run).  

(Some practices can range from $500 to $10K+....)

What if we help you improve the LTV? 
What if we hep you increase the amount of patients in your practice?

How much is that worth to you?

The investment of “Conversion Mastery Program” will be less than 1 patient...

Are you willing to invest this for your career? For your impact? And for your legacy?

90 days can fundamentally change your trajectory of your career as a chiropractor.

You get to do this with NO risk with my full money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied after 90 days and you get to keep the program.

It’s time to decide. I have removed all the risk for you.

Are you willing to invest in yourself?  

It’s time to believe in yourself.
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The Conversion Mastery Program Modules will include:
Be the Prize
How do successful Chiropractors prepare themselves in the proper mindset of BEFORE they start the consultation with a patient. We will dive into the learning to own your service and what you deliver to create greater certainty and confidence. 
 Earn the Right: Know, Trust and Like
Before a patient learns to trust you or listens to your recommendations, you first need to earn the RIGHT for them to Know, Trust and Like you. We will work on how to unconsciously and consciously create rapport with your patients by asking the right questions, listening properly and sequencing the right tempo and pace of the conversation. 
Establish your Authority
The power of trust begins with the patient knowing that you UNDERSTAND their problem from their viewpoint. We will show you how you can demonstrate to the patient your authority as an expert chiropractor with specific wording and assessments. We will also show you how to get them excited about the results you have found and how to present them. 
Deliver your Findings
Finding the cause of the problem is easy... how to PRESENT it in a manner that patients fully understand the significance of these findings requires skillful and a sequential presentation. We will show you how to you can FRAME the Report of Findings presentation to help patients fully appreciate the context and reasonings of your recommendations.
The 3 Doors
People hate to be sold... but they do like to buy. No one wants to feel like they are being sold to or forced into doing something. We will show you how to create a set of recommendation that allows patients to CHOOSE your care without any feeling of being “salesy” or “sleazy”. How you position the explanation and advice will provide a clear and concise understanding of why they are coming and how long it will take for them to get better. 
Handling Objections
 like a Ninja
Every once in a while, you will always encounter objections or resistance from patients. This usually occurs because of misunderstanding or lack of clarity in the presentation. We will show you the 7 deadly objections that you need to learn to overcome or handle to ensure you masterfully turn a patient into a client.
Powerful Magic Words
Communication with influence is a combination of specific words and phrases used in a particular order and at the right time. We will show you 10 Magic words/phrases that will create greater influences on your conversion and retention on your next Report of Findings. 
What you will get:
  • 12 Week Conversion Mastery Program
  • The 9 Step WOW Consult Framework with video walkthrough and worksheets
  • The 9 Step Report of Findings (ROF) that converts, commits and retain clients (increasing PVA, retention and referrals)
  • Bonus: 7x 60 Min Masterclass Modules that takes a deep dive into the conversion process including handling common objections and authority positioning
  • Bonus: LIVE recording of the Conversion Mastery Intensive 
  • And So Much More...
What others are saying about the 
Conversion Mastery 

Let's hear what Laurence's client say:

Russell Dean

Clinic Director 
Global Remedy Centres  

"The information is clear, logical and easy to apply immediately (most of it similar to that which I was already doing, but wth vital, subtle tweaks).

Over that time my "sign up" rate for New Patients electing to start care has risen from 65% to 83%! Patients "get it" so much more easily and "opt in" rather than having to be "sold" anything. 

As you can imagine Day 1s and 2s are so much more fun to do now, and the affect on my PVA and clinic numbers is obvious."

Lucy Youren

 Platinum Chiropractic Centre 

"In less than 4 weeks after working with Laurence, my practice grew 20% while increasing my conversion, retention, PVA and most importantly, my confidence in my communication with my patients"

Damian Kristof

Vida, Forage and The Wellness Couch

"I was introduced to Laurence’s 9 grid ROF approach and implemented it immediately. More than anything that we have used at any other time in our practice history, this model has helped us enormously with retention and growth because we have a structure around the communication of the ROF. It’s just one part of the multitude of incredible things that we have learned and implemented off the back of Laurence’s programs."

Got your back!
I guarantee that if at the end of the 90-Day Program, you do not feel you receive what I have outlined here or received the VALUE you invested in… then I will happily put your investment BACK into your bank account. I believe that this will be a “game-changer” for you as a practitioner and for your practice now and in the future. 

So how much would that be worth to you?
Even if we helped you convert just 10% at a minimum in key areas (that is an increase in 10% in NP from more referrals, 10% in retention, 10% increase transaction)… that would be a 33% growth in your PROFITS.  

What if you increased it by 50%, 100% or 300%? How would that change your practice? How would that change YOU?

Let me work with you in the next 90 Days to improve the way you are communicating Chiropractic. 
If you have any trouble registering, 
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